The Staghorn Coral & Hawksbill Turtle Candelabra in Sterling Silver, Emerald & Bronze

At our Mauritian Atelier, we look to vibrant life under the sea for inspiration. The Staghorn Coral and Hawksbill Turtle Candelabra brings the alluring Indian Ocean to the homestead through graceful and fluid movements captured in this spectacular sterling silver tableau.
Each handcrafted piece tells a vivid story from this tropical paradise, bringing to light the tale of these magical species.

All of the turtle sculptures are detailed with great attention; the beautiful eyes of these turtles are represented with perfectly set emeralds. Mature, juvenile and baby turtles are active in their coral reef environment, swimming amongst Staghorn coral.

Forbes Mavros Inspecting the Wax Model Before Casting

Forbes Mavros cleaning the Candelabra before polishing

These hawksbill turtles are shown in their natural coral environment

Staghorn Coral provides welcome itch relief for this little Turtle

Forbes Mavros meticulously adding intricate detail to the piece